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First Crusade of the Hammer - Users assemble

Fellow members of Warhammer Wiki! As most of you must surely know by now, next month Total War: Warhammer will be released, so Eledan has been working on getting both a Wikia Spotlight and an Android app, both for this wiki and its Spanish counterpart. The hard work of the last months has ensured that there'll be no trouble in getting any of those things, BUT there's lots of work left to do if we want this place to shine as brightly as possible when gamers start to show up in throngs to know more about the background behind their new strategy game :P

First off, we must purge our beloved wiki of stubs, incomplete and sourceless articles. We have to check all possible sources and gather anything they say on each topic before moving on to the next one! Therefore I call upon you to launch a Crusade to work on them!

"How will we get around to do it? There's over 120 articles to patch up!"

Don't worry! We Spaniards are veterans in this kind of teamworks - we have developed what we call a "Task Management System", or TMS, which uses templates to see which articles are free to take, which are being worked on by someone else (and for how long, so that they don't get too slow at it) and which are done and have to be checked by a veteran user.

I'll post a list of articles that have to be done in batches of twelve (the pannel below can't show more at a time), so pick the one you want, edit the template in that article adding just your name and the date you started working, and I'll send you download links for any books you need to get the job done. Once you're finished, edit the template again and add "done" to the "status" slot!

"What's in it for me?"

Well, of course, you get a better wiki for everyone to enjoy! But if that's not enough, we'll give out wiki medals of service (work is still in progress) to any and all voluntaries that join us and finish at least one article of this long list!

Task Management Pannel

[ Purge this page ]
Article Member(s) Date Status History
Finubar Hispanus 9/12/16 3 (nearly done) See history
Erengrad Adeptus Hispanus 17/12/2016 3 (revision pending) See history
Elanardris -- No date specified 1 (Awaiting users) See history
Chaos Grey Knight Dante 8/12/2016 2 (Work In Progress) See history
Eastern Steppes Grey Knight Dante 8/12/2016 2 (Work In Progress) See history
Everchosen Grey Knight Dante 8/12/2016 2 (Work In Progress) See history
Everqueen Hispanus 2/2/17 2 (Work In Progress) See history
Note: Only the first 12 results will be shown.

Work to do





Phase 3.2

  • Chaos - Realm of Chaos: Slaves to Darkness, Realm of Chaos: The Lost and the Damned.
  • Daemons of Chaos - Warhammer Armies: Chaos Daemons (7-8), White Dwarf #368 (Aug 2010).
  • Eastern Steppes - RPG: Tome of Corruption & Old World's Bestiary, WD47&106, Chaos Dwarfs (4), Tamurkhan.
  • Finubar - High Elves (7), Vampire Counts (8), Dreadfleet, End Times (1, 3).

Phase 4

  • Great Ocean - Hammerwiki, Lizardmen (5-6), Dark Elves (8), Ogre Kingdoms (8), High Elves (8), RPG: Companion, Warmaster.
  • Grey Mountains - Empire (7-8), Dwarfs (7), Orcs&Goblins (8), RPG: Knights of the Grail & Sigmar's Heirs, Lexicanum.
  • Karag Dum - Chaos Hordes (6), Daemonslayer.

Phase 5

  • Karak Vlag - Dwarfs (4), Stone & Steel, Tome of Corruption, WD159.
  • Kislev (City) - Kislev (6), Realm of the Ice Queen, RPG (1st Ed), The Ambassador.
  • Lothern - High Elves (4, 7, 8), Defenders of Ulthuan, Blood of Aenarion.
  • Malus Darkblade - Dark Elves (6-8), Chronicles of Malus Darkblade novel series, Darkblade comics (WH Monthly), End Times (3).

Phase 6

  • Mammoths - Rulebook (3), Storm of Magic.
  • Mannslieb - W.A.R., Lexicanum, RPG: The Enemy Within, Daemons (7).

Phase 7

  • Reikspiel - No sources found - this one requires research or deletion.
  • Rhya - RPG (1-2), Tome of Salvation.
  • River Reik - Empire (7-8), Sigmar's Heirs, RPG (1st Ed.).
  • Sea of Claws - RPG: Marienburg, Companion, Tome of Corruption, Sigmar's Heirs, W.A.R.
  • Settra - Undead (4), Tomb Kings (6, 8), End Times (1, 5).

Phase 8

  • Solland - Empire (6-8), Orcs&Goblins (7), Sigmar's Heirs, Uniforms & Heraldry: Empire.

Phase 9

Phase 10

  • Volkmar the Grim - Empire (7-8), Storm of Chaos, Blood of Sigmar, Rulebook (6).

Phase 11

  • Valten - The End Times series, Storm of Chaos, The Ratmen and all their Vile Kin.

Phase 12

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