a while ago i finnaly decided to make a contribution to this wiki.

nothing much just a short page on one of the oftern neglected warhammmer race's the gnomes. so i got out one of my dad's old rule books and hammerd out a quick page.fairly quickly i got a e-mail saying someone called grey knight dante had eddited my page. so i thought cool i hope i can co-operate with him so i clicked on the link and was greeted with a page saying my wiki page no longer existed. so i found the page deleted and found the grey knight dante had deleted it with no explination. and that was my welcoming to this wiki : an automated message and a reasonlass page deletion.

rather then hiding in a hole i thought i'd get my page back. i mean reasonless page deletion he's probably just a vandle so i click on his page and rather then being greeted with a recently created un constomised acount i found a well constomized acount that seemed well established. so here i was with a page that had been deleted for no reason by one of the main wiki editors.

i thoguht he will probably have a good reason maybe my page was far to like the old rule book endangering the wiki of a shut down by GW. but no the reply i got was that the wiki had a rule of deleting any week old page that di not have any sources. besides the dubius usefulness of such a plan, the fact this wiki did not have a proper deletion mechanism unlike wiki's 1/12th of it's size and the fact that despite the fact that this rule should be blindingly obvius i am yet to find it this is obviusly un true.

here is a 2 year + old page that has not yet been delted so if such a rule does exist go delet it.

their is a whole sourceless catagory maybe that should be deleted.

now lets examine such a rule if it existed.

  1. rather then trying to source it his first reaction was to delete my page something he obviusly took lightly even though it was my first post and it has now sent a bad message to me to such an extent i have set up my own warhammer fantasy wiki.
  2. it leaves the deletion of pages the go to choice for sourslessness.
  3. although the onlinee community is getting rapider and rapider 1 week sould still leve a lot of people out.
  4. i was given no notification of such a rule which i still doubts exists at all.
  5. i was given no notification of the fact i was about to have my page deleted until grey knight dante deleted it.

so such a rule if it exists is wrong.

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