"And as we lay here prostrate, Nordland and Talabecland plot to land the final blow"
—Valmir von Raukov, Elector Count of Ostland[1a]
Empire ValmirVonRaukov

Valmir von Raukov, Elector Count of Ostland

Valmir von Raukov, known by his full title as Elector-Count Valmir von Raukov, Grand Prince of Ostland, Margrave of the Northern March and the Hammer of the East, is the current and warmongering Elector Count of Ostland.[1a] The Elector Counts of Ostland live on the north eastern border of the Empire beyond which lie the dangerous Troll Country and the Northern Wastes. It has always been a poor region where the constant threat of danger breeds a hardy race of people.[2a]

The Elector Count of Ostland is Valmir von Raukov. Like his father before him, he has spent a lifetime fighting against Chaos warbands, raiding Norse, and marauding Orcs, not to mention the occasional forays of bandits from Kislev. Even his own realm is not wholly safe, for the forests and mountains are full of renegades, Beastmen, Trolls, Giants and countless other foes Valmir von Raukov is a tough warlord whose constant vigil has protected the northern borders of the Empire for many years. Valmir was married to Ivana, and had two sons; Oleg von Raukov and Vassily von Raukov.[2a]

Boris von Raukov

Boris von Raukov is reportedly Valmir's eighth son, probably illegitimate. He left Ostland to pursue a military career. He is currently the captain of the 4th Nuln Halberdiers, a mercenary regiment based in the city of Nuln, who fought alongside the Grudgebringers.[3]


  • Brain Wounder (Runefang)A magical blade given to all Elector Counts of the Empire.[2a]
  • Dragonbow- The Dragon Bow of Ostland is enscribed with mighty runes which confer tremendous strength to its user. It is said that the arrows are tipped with Dragon horn and guided by magic to the heart of their target.[2a]


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