The Vampire's Bane is a silver greatsword with a skull device on the pommel.[1a]

History Edit

All the weapons of the Black Guard are traditionally blessed by priests of Morr before being used against the Undead, but Vampire’s Bane has gained power of its own over the years. It was used to behead Dragan the Ghoul King and wielded by Captain-Justiciar Ortelius when he slew the noble Count von Sangster. It has thirsted for the blood of Vampires ever since.[1a]

Ortelius was slain when Von Sangster’s servants returned the Vampire to un-life. Ortelius’s corpse was then re-animated as a Zombie and sent back to the temple with a long and insulting letter nailed to his head. Vampire’s Bane has not been seen since.[1a]

Source Edit

  • 1 Night's Dark Masters (Fantasy Roleplay)
    • 1a: pg. 123

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