Vampire Coast Lustria Map1

A map of the east coast of Lustria, including the Vampire Coast.

The Vampire Coast is the realm of the mad Vampire Luthor Harkon on the coast of Lustria.


Bordered to the east by the Great Ocean (also known as the World Pond) and to the west by the steaming jungle, the Vampire Coast remains fairly wild. To the north, a jungle filled peninsula separates the Vampire Coast and the Tarantula Coast. Near the shoreline, the reawakened Lizardman City of Huatl dominates the treeline while Tlax, the City of Ghosts, remains shrouded within the jungle. At the southern end of the Coast, east of the delta of the River Lambada, one finds the Volcanic Islands. West of the delta lies the ruins of the City of Axlotl, empty and despoiled by Luthor Harkon's undead hordes.[1a]


In 876 IC, a Norse longship boarded an Imperial trade ship. During the raid, the Norse stole a precious antique coffin, not knowing that the Vampire Luthor Harkon resided inside. When the Norse vessel finally washed ashore on the coasts of Lustria, all had already drowned or starved to death. However, the crew had not remained so but had risen as members of the Undead through the Vampire's dark magic. With his newly raised Zombie hordes, Harkon began the conquest of the deep jungle and pyramid cities of the Lizardmen.

Defeated in 930 IC near to the Temple City of Oxyl by the Kroxigor Nakai during the Battle of the Eclipse, Harkon retreated to rebuild his army of Undead pirates in the hope of avenging himself upon the Lizardmen. In 1011 IC, the Vampire allied with the Sirens, wrecking countless ships and raising many a drowned sailor on his rocky shores. Crewed with his undead servants, he began to raise sunken ships to terrorize the seas of the Warhammer World, rapidly filling his undead crews and hordes through death and destruction. Finally, in 1351 IC, Harkon marched south on the Lizardman City of Axlotl, slaughtering any Skink that stood in the way of his undead army and razing the city to the ground.  Although the Lizardmen were able to save some of the important artifacts, Harkon managed to take many magic pieces back into his dread realm.[1a]


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