Trust is a fragile thing in the Old World, and enemies are everywhere. There are countless individuals an adventurer meets ready to break their word, steal from him, do him harm or worse. Even the Empire is filthy with liars, thieves, bandits, double-crossers, con men, lawyers, agitators, foreigners, Witch Hunters, and a seemingly limitless number of Chaos-worshipping cultists in disguise, masquerading as respectable citizens by day. It’s no wonder that an adventurer can be driven to believe that everyone is against him… possibly even his friends and family.[1a]

Someone with Venomous Thoughts is constantly suspicious, and his suspicions are always without cause and lacking any foundation in fact. He’s also secretive, litigious, easily offended, and humourless. He scrutinizes every word and gesture for negative meanings, and is reluctant to speak should he say something that can be used against him. He’s also very jealous, and believes that individuals he considers close are secretly betraying him.[1a]

Unlike those suffering from Profane Persecutions, who operate under the delusion a specific group of people are out to harm him, a person with Venomous Thoughts believes that anyone and everyone is capable of hurting him in some way. However, he does consider people who are different from him (in race, religion, national origin) more of a threat from the outset.[1a]

Although the individual has significant difficulty working with others, it may turn into a blessing in disguise. There are many individuals who have spun their Venomous Thoughts into successful careers as Zealots, Witch Hunters, Duellists, Lawyers and Warrior Priests.[1a]


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