Verenean Investigator

Verenean Investigator

Verenan Investigators are agents who look into matters the cult would rather not come to the regular authorities, such as the roadwardens or the witch hunters. They are adept at quiet investigation, looking for clues and observing the scene, rather than extracting possibly unreliable information through torture. Though they usually turn their results over to the cult for further action, they are also ready to take matters into their own hands, if need be.[1a]

Investigators often come from within the cult itself, although the Verenan hierarchy does not scruple at hiring talented people with questionable pasts, so long as they repent their ways and swear loyalty to the goddess. Verenan Investigators have a wide range of knowledge, and often astound others with their ability to bring obscure information together to throw light on a case.[1a]


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