Warhammer Verezzo
Map of Verezzo
Vital statistics
Inhabitants Humans
Type Inland city-state
Location Old World, central Tilean Peninsula
Population Unknown
Allegiance Republic of Verezzo
Industry International trade

The Serene Republic of Verezzo is a Tilean republic, but of a completely different kind to the city-state of Remas. Verezzo lies inland, dominating the fertile plain with its walls and many bastions. The city is very compact and crowded with people. The streets are very narrow and winding and the houses are built very tall because of the lack of space. Some have risen so high that they have become towers which have been built into the defences. The reason for this is that the walls are so strong and occupy such a good vantage point on the only rising ground for miles around, that the citizens are reluctant to change them and build a wider and less formidable circuit.[1a]

Like Remas, Verezzo became a republic as a result of the great famines. The Prince hoarded up grain and tried to sell it to the citizens at an extortionate price. He was soon toppled from power with the help of mercenaries and a republic was proclaimed. The republic of Verezzo is much more democratic than that of Remas, probably because there are so many merchant families and anyone with aspirations to great power is likely to risk assassination from several quarters. In Verezzo there is an elaborate voting system in which the merchant families are divided into factions distinguished by voting colours (the reds, greens, blues and yellows).[1a]

The colours are associated with particular factions and policies, so after the voting in Verezzo it might be said in Remas or Luccini, "the reds are in Verezzo, we are in for trouble!" or "don't lend Verezzo any gold while the yellows are in", and so on. The colours are also used to designate teams in various rowdy games played in the cramped piazzas of the city. Naturally, these games are flavoured with politics and intrigue![1a]

Sources Edit

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    • 1a: pg. 82

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