Viktor von Walfen is the Archduke of the Upper Teufel, of the Empire.[1a]


Archduke Viktor is the aged, grizzled, and startlingly flatulent patriarch of the von Walfen line, a powerful house that dominates much of the southeastern portion of the Reikland. The family can trace its roots at least as far back as the fifth century and while scant records exist before that time, it is possible that the clan’s claims that their ancestors walked alongside Sigmar himself are not entirely without basis. The von Walfens owe fealty to Karl-Franz by dint of title, but there are familial links too, for at the rarefied heights of noble power most houses are related to one another in some manner. Viktor is a broad-shouldered ox of man, and in his prime he was a great and celebrated general of the state army. Now, however, Viktor’s once muscular frame is running to fat, though there is life in the old dog yet, as any serving girl not quick enough on her feet is likely to find out.[1a]

Viktor holds court in an ancient fortified pile west of Stromdorf. He seldom leaves his mansion himself and relies on his sons and grandsons to conduct his business in and around Ubersreik on his behalf. Only the most dire circumstance or tempting prize will tempt Viktor von Walfen to attend in person, and should he do so, all will know the stakes are high indeed.[1a]


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