Von Kragsburg Guard

Duke Bertold leading the Von Kragsburg Guard

The Von Kragsburg Guard are an Averland regiment of freelance Imperial soldiers funded and equipped by House Von Kragsburg, in the interest of protecting and ensuring the overall safety of trade along the Old Dwarf Road in exchange for a exorbitant fee. The patriarch of the noble family, Duke Bertold von Kragsburg, also known as the "Dirty Duke", like his father before him, was forever seeking the glitter of gold in all its forms and value, seeking any avenue to ensure his wealth would grow ten-fold upon the climax of his endevour.[1a]

As such, when the price is right the Von Kragsburg Guard have safeguarded merchants along the Old Dwarf Road for years, joined armies staving off invaders seeking to plunder Wissenland, and led expeditions to destroy Beastmen strongholds in the Great Forest region of Talabecland. Having a distingushed military career, the regiment have always fought for their home province of Averland, but such was their need for material wealth has ensured that these dealings are always been under a certain contract of payment. While the scruples of the "Dirty Duke" may be questioned, none may contest the regiments combat prowess. Countless tales prevail about their couragous actions on the battlefield, from withstanding charges from a horde of Goblin Wolf Riders on the plains of Averland to battling towering Ogres in the Worlds Edge Mountains, the proud Von Kragsburg Guard will always get the job, and always expect their employers to pay up.[1a]

Source Edit

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