War Statues of Ramhotep

The War Statues of Ramhotep

Settra had commanded a tithe of the war statues from all across Nehekhara, and all obeyed. Furthermore, Settra demanded that all the guardians from the Charnel Valley to set forth across the desert. They were to safeguard Khemri. There strode ushabti known as the Emerald Sentinels of Lybaras, the Necrolith Colossi known as the Skull Guardians, and the Jade Phalanx – crocodile-headed statues from a temple in Ka-Sabar, and the Alabaster Army of Quatar. Perhaps most feared of all were the Red Jackals of Rasetra – ushabti who howled as they loped into battle, the blood on their crimson-coated weapons never drying.[1a]


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