Warlock Engineer

A Warlock-Engineer using his Warp-Blades to cast Warp Lightning.

Warp-blades are unique to Clan Skryre. They are commonly attached to poles, creating halberd-like weapons, or they are directly implanted into the arms of Warlock-Engineers. A multitude of wires feed the blades, which hum with barely-contained warp energy. They are used at times for Skaven Magic to call forth the "Warp Lightning" spell, or are useful in hand-to-hand combat.[1b]

Upgraded Warp Energy CondenserEdit

Warlock-Engineers that use warp-blades in order to cast the Warp Lightning spell can benefit from the addition of an upgraded warp energy condenser. The condenser focuses warp energy, further powering the Warlock’s weapons.[1a]


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