The Clan Skryre Warp-raiders are crewed only by the most insane Skaven warriors. They are fairly small vessels that are propelled across the water by wildly threshing paddle wheels powered by a Warpstone Reactor. Their progress is extremely erratic, as the flow of power from the reactor is unpredictable at best.[1a]

The Warp-raider turns as a sailing ship. It may move backwards and forwards with equal ease, and may reverse direction. It is unaffected by the wind direction.[1b]

Warpstone ReactorsEdit

Warp-raiders are driven by paddle wheels, but rather than using slaves for motive power they use an unreliable and unpredictable device called a Warpstone Reactor.[1b]

The power output of a Warpstone Reactor is inconsistent at best. Unfortunately, a Warpstone Rector is inherently unstable, and may grind to a halt at random.[1b]


The Warp-raider is armed with a Warpfire-thrower. This is a potentially devastating weapon that fires an arc of warp-naphtha at its targets, setting sails and superstructure ablaze.[1c]

Unfortunately, the Warpfire-thrower is extremely unstable and prone to blowing up![1c]



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