Warpfire Dragon

The tainted beast know as Warpfire Dragon

The Warpfire Dragons are members of a weird, twisted and misshapen branch of the race of Dragons.

But fortunately its sighting in the Old World are scarce, these dragons are abhorrent and destructive creatures. Their long, charred bodies do not stop twisting and curling, throwing disturbing and fiery flames as they move, for they are never quite quiet, for they are constantly trembling and shivering as if they are eternally tormented by invisible blades.

They have strange crystals encrusted on their skin and each one of them has its own affliction, presenting small deformities in the extremities, spikes and colorations that indicate their exotic and corrupt origins, whereas their mouths are full of row after row of jagged teeth that drip caustic saliva with which they can destroy their prey.

The same air that surround them beats with contaminated power, withering plants and burning the very soil on which they claw. These vile creatures delight in destroying and mutilating their enemies with their warping fiery breath that they exhale from their twisted bodies which are laden with ruinous energies that bulge inside them. Even the mere proximity of this aura can kill. When they are brought into battle, the energy trapped within these drakes is released onto those foolish enough to approach them, leaving behind nothing more than a burned casing. When it is expelled, his breath is not like any other dragon, but it looks more like a burst of bright red and black lightning that calcine their victims, being able even to incinerate ethereal creatures and other magical beings.

Warpfire Dragons feed their destructive powers and maintain their tortured forms devouring Warpstone, turning their bodies into huge containers of arcane power. Only the powerful constitution of a Dragon is able to withstand the effect of so much concentrated chaotic energy, although many times after their death, when all this energy is completely out of control, it results in these dragons have a spectacular and flaming final, in the form of a furious explosion that devastates the earth around them.

The shortage Warpstone in the Old World often leads to conflict with the Skaven, raiding their fortresses and digging into their burrows to reach the place that they store the contaminated stone, although some look to the people of the Chaos Wastes or infested land of restless dead for prey, or at least creatures to devour which are contaminated with corrupt magic. It is also the promise of Warpstone by the maddest and arrogant of sorcerers dare to negotiate with this dragons to lend their power in the battle, since it is said that these beasts are too quixotic and rebels to be controlled by the most powerful binding parchments.

Its unnatural appetite reveal their true origin, the destructive Chaos Wastes, a legendary region inhabited by Daemons and filled with fragments of Warpstone fruit of the birth of Morrslieb. Never been sighted one of these dragons (at least none that survived) that rival the sheer size of the Emperor Dragon, although such monstrous creatures may exist somewhere in the unknown and undiscovered southern wastes. In fact, some myths of the distant Cathay speak of "Daemonic Dragon" from the south, which perhaps can be of these creatures.

Some scholars theorize that in some devastated region, far from the presence and knowledge of man, may be dominated by these great drakes, where they grow to gigantic proportions thanks to the abundance Warpstone capable of rivaling in size with the legendary Kalgalanos the Black. If this were true, this would explain why many of the younger Warpfire Dragons make arduous and long migrations to the Old World, escaping from a land ruled by these terrifying and powerful creatures.

Source Edit

  • Warhammer Forge: Monstrous Arcanum

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