"Such weaponry! Great muskets with barrels longer than the ratmen who used them, each fitted with a glass eye to magnify their victims and ensure a killing shot. Pouches of refined gunpowder, little ratskin bags filled with bullets crafted from shards of warpstone. Grimy little skavenslaves bearing metal crooks upon which to rest the muzzle of each jezzail and ensure the steadiness of the shot."
—Rikkit Snapfang, Warlord of Bonestash[2a]
Warplock Jezzails

A Warplock Jezzail Team taking aim

Warplock Jezzails are specialized teams of marksmen that bear weaponry of the same name. The weapons that they are named after are long-barreled muskets that require a team of two Skaven to fire and reload. This is because the rifle the marksmen team uses is extraordinarily long. Aided by its tremendous length, a Warplock Jezzail is capable of hitting targets at a distance greater than conventional bows or blackpowder firearms. Once the rifle is fired, the weapon unleashes a single bullet made entirely of refined toxic warpstone at such velocity that it strikes with a force capable of penetrating through even the thickest of armors.[1a]  

Although moving too quickly to be seen, the bullets fired by a Warplock Jezzail leave behind a faint green vapour trail. This generally exposes the weapons team to enemy fire. For this reason, what started out as a mere aiming platform for the long-barreled rifle has turned into a protective pavise shield designed to shield the vulnerable Jezzail team from retaliatory arrows, bolts and bullets.[1a]


The Warplock Jezzail is unmistakably a specialized weapons team, but unlike the other Clan Skryre portable weaponry, the Warplock Jezzails are not generally attached to a block of infantry but rather operate as their own independent unit. This allows the Jezzail teams to become a valuable asset to any Warlord's army, who will often try to position these marksmen at high vantage points such as hills, cliffs or buildings to afford them the greatest possible line of sight. Once in position, a team of Jezzails has the ability to pick off highly valuable enemy targets from a very safe distance.[1a]


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