The Warrior craftguild is the largest of all, and is found in almost every Dwarf community. These clans provide the elite troops of most Dwarf armies. Some Warrior clans specialize in the use of missile weapons, such as crossbows and handguns.[1a]

The best of fighters achieve further honour by being elevated to one of the veteran brotherhoods: Hammerers, Ironbreakers or Longbeards. The Hammerers are the personal bodyguard of the Dwarf King (or chief Elder in smaller settlements). The Ironbreakers protect the underground gates that separate the Dwarf mines from the foul creatures that inhabit the depths of the world. Longbeards are grizzled old veterans from the other two brotherhoods who have fought more battles, beaten more enemies, and endured greater hardship than the younger, softer Dwarfs of today.[1a]


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