This is not the first time that Stolz finds himself in a delicate position. Because Middenheim is the seat of the cult of Ulric, the high priest of the rival cult of Sigmar is effectively in enemy territory, and this post is only given to individuals who have proved themselves in lesser appointments. In some quarters, the High Priesthood of Sigmar at Middenheim is regarded as being second only to that of Grand Theogonist.[1a]

When he hears that Hoffer has arrived at the temple, Stolz summons him and Fischer, along with the adventurers they travel with.[1a]

Werner Stolz is a vigorous-looking man in his early sixties, standing about 5’8” tall and of medium build. More than twenty years as High Capitular of Middenheim has made him a shrewd politician, as well as a devout follower of Sigmar. He speaks quietly, but with authority—it is clear that he is used to having people listen to him.[1a]


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