The Whispering Darkness is a type of Apparition. Those who practice the dark arts are foolish because, no matter how successful they are, one day their minds, bodies, and souls will surely be forfeit. But the dangers of using Dark Magic are not just long term. The Darkness can get tired of waiting. It can emerge from any shadow or dark corner as a broiling, oily fog of utter blackness, whispering with a thousand voices.[1a][1b]

Some cry, some laugh, some shout, and some scream, but all are muted and desperate. The whispering cloud will broil across the floor towards the Magister who summoned it, its whispers becoming louder and filled with insanity, inspiring madness in all it touches.[1b]

Also Known As: The Creeping Darkness, the Insane Night, the Soul Eater[1a]

Attracted by: Necromantic Spells, Chaos Spells, Hedge Magic, and any spells that effect intelligence or psychology[1b]

Source Edit

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