White Tower of Hoeth Banner

Banner depiction of the White Tower.

The White Tower of Hoeth is the greatest repository of arcane knowledge within the whole world, compiled down the millennia by the Tower’s Loremasters—the greatest mages and scholars of Ulthuan, and therefore the world—who have dedicated their lives to the pursuit and documentation of knowledge, wisdom, and truth. Built on the orders of the Phoenix King, Bel-Korhadris the Scholar King, more than twenty centuries before the current era, this ivory-white structure thrusts more than a mile into the air above the surrounding forests, a feat made possible only by the incredible magic of Saphery’s Archmages. The Tower stands at the point of a particular confluence of the coursing magical energies of the Great Vortex, a fact lending the Tower a greater strength than any creation of mere brick and mortar.[1a]

The White Tower is visible tens of miles away, a sharp white needle of marble thrusting up into the sky. Its approaches are guarded by rings of illusion and mazes of spells, which mean only those people whom the Loremasters want to approach the Tower may find the true path towards it. It is said that those who seeks wisdom and learning will find it at the Tower, but those who seek power for its own sake will become lost in Hoeth’s spell-mazes for the rest of their days.[1a]

Here the High Elves learn and study High Magic, the only spellcraft that uses the Winds of Magic in harmony. Teclis, the same mage that helped the Humans of the Empire found the Colleges of Magic, is now the High Loremaster of the White Tower and he presides over some of the mightiest wizards in the world.[1a]

The Library

The library is a vast, strange place, like the Tower itself. There are sections that some people never see and yet others can visit every day. Sometimes, a mage will find a chamber full of books just once in his life and never be able to find the way back. The library is part of the Tower and the Tower has a mind, of sorts, of its own.[2a]


  • A depiction of an orrery within the White Tower.
  • The White Tower of Hoeth as depicted in Total War: Warhammer II
  • The Tower as depicted in the Total War Warhammer II Campaign Map


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