"Just call me Aunt Mina, dearie. You've come for breakfast? Perhaps you'd like to sit out on the terrace - you can see Rijker's Isle today. Now, what will you have? The gullmeat sausages? I see.... [in a whisper] Right! I'll see you in the coach house, ten minutes. Make like you're going to the garderobe. And don't forget to pay for breakfast. You wouldn't want to upset Egbert, would you, dearie?"
—Wilhelmina Thistledown[1a]
Wilhelmina Thistledown

Wilhelmina Thistledown

Aunt Mina has been able to operate for the past 15 years because of the special patronage of "Casanova" Henschmann. Years ago, when Henschmann was fighting for his life in the gang war that gave him control of the League, Aunt Mina gave him shelter at a dangerous moment. Henschmann never forgot, and after he won he set her up in the Gull and Trident. She is under his special protection, and no one in his right mind would ever think of harming or double-crossing his "little mama".[1a]

Mina has contacts throughout the Marienburg underworld and beyond, both from her association with Henschmann and her reputation as a square dealer. On the rare times that Hugo Delftgruber gets out, he likes to come here to pay his respects. Out of pity, Mina gives him extra portions for free. Hieronymous Deecksburg also occasionally eats here, though he has yet to stumble on the inn's secret. She has refused to buy her meat from Groenewoud's, as something "doesn't smell right to her nose" about the butcher and his shop.[1a]


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