When he was young, Woldred Adelof sought adventure, excitement, danger, and even riches—all the things his father never had. Determined not to share that dull, safe life, Woldred ran away as soon as he was old enough to swing a sword. He convinced the local baron to hire him as a scout and quickly learned the trade. The baron was impressed enough to make the young man an outrider, and his decision proved to be the right one. For within a few years, Woldred had become one of his most valued men. Woldred became especially good at trailblazing and loved wandering into unfamiliar territories and finding a safe way for a caravan or a noble party or a small military unit to pass unmolested.[1a]

The life of an outrider provided him with adventure, excitement, and danger, but not riches—though the baron treated his men well, Woldred was still in someone’s employ. As he grew more confident and more worldly, that fact rankled more, until finally he knew he had to leave. But to do what? That question was answered when, in the course of scouting some hills on the edge of the barony, he stumbled across an ancient tomb. It had been looted long ago, but the thieves had lacked his sharp eyes and his patience, and upon investigation, Woldred found several trinkets. They were easily worth more than he made in a year, and suddenly he knew he had found a new career.[1a]

Leaving the baron’s employ, Woldred travelled to a different land to avoid any ill will from his former employer. Then he began seeking and exploring tombs. At first he worked alone, but then he met up with a surly Dwarf, and they formed a partnership. Next came a scholar, then a hedge witch, then a scout, and finally a fighter, and suddenly Woldred found himself leading a team. He discovered he enjoyed working in a group and liked having company again, and they were more effective together than any of them could have been alone.[1a]


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